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Eastern Fusion Creative Dance for Women

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Spiced Tingle Eastern Fusion Dance is facilitated by Lalita Lakshmi in Brisbane, Queensland.  It's a  fun, colourful, creative dance class for women.   We explore Indian and Middle Eastern Dance movements, we use music  to dance playfully, learn to improvise, and develop our own unique dance styles!   It’s is a beautiful way to de-stress, exercise and re-energise!


Come and join us!

Dancing in Community

Lalita is an experienced community development practitioner having worked for many years with community members including refugee and migrant communities.  She welcomes opportunities to work with community organisations to create beautiful dance experiences for local communities and can help design innovative and creative new projects.

Tailored workshops for you! 

Workshop Enquiries are welcome.
Sessions can be tailored for a particular group including older people, refugee and migrant community members and people with disability.  The sessions can run from between 45 minutes to 2 hours depending on the group and your needs.

Older Women's Sessions

Older women’s groups also enjoy the experience!  A session work workshop series can be designed to suit your group and their needs. Or find out about our next classes.

Women's Eastern Fusion Dance Sessions

 Each class starts with a warm up, we  learn new techniques that we practice alone or together.  We often can’t resist adding embellishments like scarves, flowers, bindis and bells.   

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We are based in Brisbane, Queensland.
If you would like more information on           Spiced Tingle Dance, please email me or give me a tingle!

please email at lalitala@yahoo.com, or fill in your query here. 

Ph: 0413 414 204

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